"this new room of theirs is one of the best sounding rooms I've tracked in." Stephen Mowat (Prod/Eng - WILSN, Ali Barter, Bliss n Esso) - Instagram 2016

Welcome to The Aviary Recording Studio

Perched on the top floor of a large old building in the heart of Abbotsford, we believe The Aviary has one of the best sounding live rooms in Melbourne. Established in 2012 and recently renovated, the unique layout of various sounding rooms creates a musical haven with the ultimate sonic flexibility. The Aviary makes you feel miles away from the hustle of the city, and allows you to get lost in the creation of music. Over the past few years we have hosted many great bands, artists and record producers and always welcome anyone to take a tour of the studio and have a chat about your project. We offer production, recording, mixing and "dry hire" of the studio if you want to bring in your own engineer. Please visit the contact page to get in touch with in-house engineer/producer, Fraser Montgomery.

We have 6 different isolated spaces we can use, including the larger "live" room, the original "drier" tracking room, 2 deluxe vocal/iso booths, 2 amp cupboards and a reverberant hallway. We have plenty of instruments and amps to choose from, including vintage drum kits and snares, guitars, basses, upright piano, a Leslie, Wurli and a Rhodes. At the heart of the control room is our beloved 1978 MCI 428B console and MCI JH16 2” 24 track tape machine, surrounded by hi-end pre-amps, compressors, EQs, tape delays and drawers full of carefully selected microphones. We have the ability to record strictly digital, strictly analog, or a combination of both. Please visit the gear page to see the ongoing equipment list.

The in-house team of Fraser Montgomery and Nick Edin, have both poured their hearts into constructing and development of the studio, and are dedicated to making records here. They have over 40 years of experience between them as touring and recording musicians, engineers and producers, and commit 100% to every single project. They like to work as a team. They may not be together on every session, all the time, but they love it when they are. 4 hands and 4 ears on your project to help things run smoothly, and sound amazing. One of them is always there with a fresh perspective and new ideas. Head over to the SIGHTS + SOUNDS page to listen to some of the music they have been involved in creating here, along with a selection from other engineers and producers. You can also head to the Aviary Presents: Warm Evenings, Pale Mornings page to get a look and listen at a record they made here in 2016. It was an exciting and original project we put together with some of their favourite musicians and songwriters, and released on vinyl!


We offer production, engineering, mixing, pre-production or "dry-hire" for freelance engineers and producers. With what we, and the studio has to offer, we feel The Aviary is the best value in town. Please check out "the deal" page for information about booking sessions. Please contact us for information regarding rates for studio hire with or without engineers..

We look forward to discussing your project and welcoming you into The Aviary. 

We encourage any artists, bands, musicians, engineers and producers to come and have a look around. CONTACT Fraser to make a time.



Some of the artists and engineers to have recorded at The Aviary Studios.

The Panics, Harry James Angus, Chet Faker, WILSN, Tim Rogers, Bonjah, Ella Hooper, Shane Howard, Luke Thomas / Central Rain, Pete Denahy, Tek Tek Ensemble, Matt Joe Gow, Clove, Lubwala, Steve Schram, Mustered Courage, Silver Springs, Gretta Ray, Jimi Maroudis, Nicky Bomba, The Cat Empire, Ben Whiting, Loius Valentine, Dan Parsons, Brian ElDorado and the Tuesday People, Luke Brennan, Alex O'Gorman, Geoff Achison, Coby Grant, Pagan, Dance Party, Tommy McEwan, Jesse Valache, Straylove, Tristan Ludowyk, El Moth, Nai Palm (Hiatus Kayote), Ali Barter, Ash Grunwald, The Pierce Bros, The Putbacks, The Meltdown, The Settlement, Echo Drama, Passerine, Zillanova, Greta Rae, Hollow Drums, Ben Franz, Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds, Beter Than Wizards, Robin Mai, Josh Seymour, Luke Sinclaire, James Kenyon, Dan Waters, Suzzanah Espie, Chris Pickering, Tobias Hengeveld, Emilee South, Jane McArthur, Big Smoke, Lama, Little Rabbit, Ghost Orkid, Emma Donovan, Hope Street Recordings, Primitive, John Cashman, Soul Safari, Bob knob, CountBounce (aka Pip Norman/5ths), Jono Steer, Handkerchief Thief, Simon Imrei, Golden Rail, Ben Wright-Smith, JP Klipspringer, Orches, Old Medicine, Gus RigbyChad Mason, Solquemia, Animaux, Paddy Cakes, That Gold Street Sound, Grand Elements, Vanderlay, Justin Yap Band, Vanderlay, Handkerchief Thief, Simon Imrei, Centre and the South, The Dub Captains, Yirrmal, Sietta, Mantra, Little Dreamer, Sam Lowe, My Dynamite, Charm of Finches, King Wolf, Stav, Dead Dingos, Ben Mastwyck, Napier, Heavy Heads, Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, The Sun Rising Band, Martin Webster/From Trees, LaRumba, Anbessa, Al Parkinson, Shake Down Shakes, Philemon, The Ruling Motions, Buddha and the Chocolate Box, Jed Rowe, Zoe K, Jungal, Ganga Giri, Cat Canteri, Blue King Brown, Glenn Johnson, Pappa Chango, Jazmaris, Munroe Melano,  Damon Smith, Quincy and the Rabbit, Modesty, DD & the Damaged Goods, Single Men’s Drinking Club, Homes, Sunny Hawkins, The Ugly Kings, William Blaxland, Hamish McLeod, Silver Lake, Yen Nguyen, Simon Phillips, Mechanical Pterodactyl, Danny Brown, Clint Sigmund, Joel Wolfe, African Intelligence, Mr Sippi, Mission Brown, Horse Meat, Heart Break Club, Emi Day, Tom Fryer, Lucas O’Connell, Kutamani, Friends, Adrian Shaw (The Ages), Evan Tweedie & Luke Collins (Husky), Texture Like Sun, Ryan Brewer and Ben Wicks…


 The original live room looking into the vocal booth