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Written by The Rubens. Performed by WILSN. Audio recorded and mixed by Stephen Mowat.

From "The Aviary Presents: Warm Evenings, Pale Mornings". Written by Dan Parsons. to hear more songs and all about this record we made, click HERE

"The Fader" - Zillanova feat.  Joshua Tavares (Hope Street Recordings). Eng: F. Montgomery and B. Knob; Prod/Mix: B. Knob

Gretta Ray - 'Drive'. Produced by Josh Barber and Jonno Dreyfus. Drums and bass engineered by F. Montgomery and N. Edin. Mixed by Ryan Hewwit

"Like a Child" - Silver Springs (Ryan Brewer).  (Eng: F. Montgomery & N. Edin; mix/co-prod: Fraser Montgomery)

"Howl" - Emilee South. (Eng: Montgomery & Edin; Mix: Montgomery)

"She Feels Like Home" - The Settlement (Prod/Eng/Mix: F. Montgomery)

Ben Mastwyk and the Millions - "This Country" recorded live by Fraser Montgomery and Nick Edin

"Singin' Shoes" - Pete Denahy. (Eng: F. Montgomery & N. Edin). This album won two Golden Guitar awards in 2016.

"Pena Penite (Live)" - La Rumba. (Eng:  Montgomery & Edin; Mix: Montgomery)

"Kill The Doubt" - The Cactus Channel and Chet Faker. (Prod/Eng/Mix: T. Ludowyk and B. Knob. Hope Street Recordings) 

"Apparitions" - Matt Glass. (Prod/Eng/Mix: F. Montgomery)

"Never's Gonna Take Too Long" - Brooke Russell. (Eng: F. Montgomery & N. Edin; Prod/Mix: J. Barber)

'We Can Have A House' by Near Myth. Live at the Aviary. Eng: Nick Edin, mixed by Joe Hammond

"Eat" - Lama. (Eng/Mix: F. Montgomery)

"Pioneers" - Guests of Ghosts; (Eng/Mix: F. Montgomery)

"See you in the Sometime" - Jane McArthur.   (Eng: Montgomery & Edin; Mix/Prod: Montgomery)

"Hurricane Stan" - Central Rain (Prod: Luke Thomas; Eng: Montgomery & Edin; Mix/Master: Montgomery)

"Frame" - Philemon. ( Eng/Co-prod/Mix: F. Montgomery)

"Best Of You" - Big Smoke. Overdubs and vocals recorded at the Aviary by Alex O'Gorman. Mixed by Shawn Everett.

"Over The Line (Live)" - Small Town Romance. (Eng: Montgomery & Edin; Mix: Montgomery). The first video our new live room! 

"Clean Trouble" - The Settlement. Prod/Eng/Mix: F. Montgomery

"Spanish Harlem" - The Putbacks (feat. Nai Palm). (Prod/Eng/Mix - T. Ludowyk & B. Knob. A Hope Street Recordings Production)

"Try" - Justin Yap Band. (Eng: F. Montgomery &  N. Edin; Co-prod/mix: F. Montgomery). This album won Best Group Award at the Chain Australian Blues Music Awards in 2016.

"Carved in Stone" - Primitive. (Eng: F. Montgomery & N. Edin; Mix: F. Montgomery)

"Unmeet You" - WILSN. (Prod/Eng/Mix: S. Mowatt)

"Like This" - Al Parkinson. (Eng/Prod/Mix: Montgomery)                                                 

"Baby Come Back" - Chad Mason. (Eng/Mix: F. Montgomery)

"Powerlines" - Mustered Courage (Prod/eng/mix: Jimi Maroudis; Add Eng: Montgomery). All vocals and overdubs at The Aviary

"88" - Heavy Heads. (Prod/Eng/mix: Montgomery & Edin)

"Oh Love" - Emi Day. Prod/Eng: (F. Montgomery & Y. Ynguyen (10 Kinds of Handsome). Mix: F. Montgomery)

"Blind Boys Run" - Pierce Brothers. (Eng/Mix: F. Montgomery)

"Please Mister Postman" - Juke Box Racket. (Eng/Mix: F. Montgomery)

"One Night Boyfriend" - Modesty. (Eng/Mix: F. Montgomery)

"Other Side (Live)" - Bonjah. (Eng/Mix - F. Montgomery)

"Evil Eye" - Gus Rigby. (Eng/Mix: F. Montgomery)

"Red Light Eyes" - The Sideshow Brides (Prod/mix: N. Edin; Eng: Montgomery)

"Wanderlust" - Once Were Wild. (Eng: Montgomery & Edin; Mix: Montgomery)

"American Lies" - Chad Mason. (Eng/Mix: F. Montgomery)

"Shouldn't Be Afraid (Live)" - STAV. (Eng: F. Montgomery & N. Edin; Mix: F. Montgomery)

"She's Alright" - The Settlement. (Eng/Prod/Mix : F. Montgomery)

"Bullet in a Barrel" - Bonjah. (Eng/Mix: F. Montgomery)