The Aviary Presents:



"...a loving postcard from the local Melbourne Americana scene." Chris Familton (Rhythm Magazine)

In early 2016, we gathered up some of our favourite musicians, and 10 of our favourite singer/songwriters from the Melbourne scene. Each artist had to choose a cover of a song from the back catalogue of one of the other artists, and record it with the house band. This happened over 4 days in February at The Aviary, live to 2" analogue tape. The result is a very honest and beautiful record, with each artist paying tribute to friends and peers, with their own interpretations. Backed by an amazing house band, led by Josh Barber on drums and as musical director, performances and arangements were largely spontaneous, and all vocals were cut live with the band. There a number of first take performances on the record. This is where the understated magic in music often comes from. The final destination for the record was 12' vinyl, pressed at the local plant by Zenith Records. Artwork was done by Ben Mastwyk, and we have the vinyl in a gatefold cover with full lyrics printed. If you would like a copy of the vinyl delivered to your front door, please head to our Bandcamp site, or you can pick up a copy locally at Dutch Vinyl, Basement Discs or Rocksteady Records. For those of you that don't yet own a record player, or can't afford to support this record, you can follow the link on the left to get a digital download.

Filmed and Edited by James Arneman

The Tracks

The Band

Josh Barber - Drums and musical direction

Ben Franz - Pedal Steel

Ryan Brewer - Piano and Rhodes

Tim Keegan - Bass

Nick Edin - Guitar

Fraser Montgomery - Engineer